The Web isn't designed just for the eyes but also the ears. For this reason, this page is dedicated to the wonderful sounds associated with the moose and it's environment. Please note some of these files are quite large and may require additional software to play them.


A man saying the word "moose" (.wav)
Canadian national anthem (.mid) ... just because it's a great tune.
The Swedish Chef from "The Muppet Show" prepares chocolate moose (.wav)
The Get-Along Gang cartoon theme tune (.wav)
Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon theme tune (.au)
Bullwinkle introduces himself and his squirrel friend (.wav)
Gir from series 'Invader ZIM' (.mp3)

Moose Call

Moose call (fake?) (.wav)
Moose call (fake?) (.wav)
Moose call (real?) (.wav)

**NOV 1999**
Listen to the moose call and that might just explain a few of the movie quotes featured on my movie page!!
(However I've already received a couple of e-mails to say this is definitely not a moose and may even be a black bear! - but what do you think?)

**MAR 2000**
On the moose sound debate I can reveal that the file contained on this page is in fact taken from the moose reference on the Microsoft Encyclopedia "Bookshelf Basics".

**AUG 2000**
Whilst you make your mind up perhaps we can come up with a written description of the moose call. One e-mail I received described the cow call as a long deep moan which slowly moves up and down throughout the call with seldemly a break in between. The bull makes a sound similar to if you plugged your nose and said "EEEEAH". The calls are a considerable length apart, about 5-10 minutes.

**MAR 2001**
A second attempt to include a moose call. This sounds more like a moose, don't you think?

**FEB 2005**
The debate continues. Now almost 4 years on and both previous moose calls have been dismissed. Now a third entry is added. The site I was directed to named is as "cowmoose.wav" but it is a moose? and is it female?

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