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Some other moose related sites to check out. Please mail me at if you want to exchange links.

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1. Mooseworld
( )

Excellent professional looking moose site which I have to say is better than mine!

2. Mickey Moose Club
( )

Cool site with a couple of moose games, a moose calendar (which I must get a copy of) and a variety of other moose sections.

3. Bull Moose Photography
( )

Great site run my sports photographer Radi Nabulsi. Discovered by accident when searching for moose animations and so glad I did as I found the greatest moose flash clip ever! - click the equally fantastic logo to see.

4. AnimalTrek
( )

Moose section of a huge site containing Animal Pictures, Information, Wallpaper and Photos.

5. North American Moose Foundation
( )

A non-profit public conservation organization headquartered in Mackay, Idaho running since April 18, 2001.

6. Purple Moose Brewery
( )

A welsh brewery selling moose-themed ales.

7. Google
( )

Fantastic search engine which had my site 8th in the search for "moose" (Jan 2005) but now has it 2nd! (Aug 2006). Unfortunately I have just discovered this is only on the UK version so still some work to do.
Also on Canada Day one year had the rather excellent logo as seen on the right:

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